WhatsApp Business Account
Notification Platform

WhatsApp Business Account
Notification Platform

Fast, Secure and Personal Platform to Receive Notification

Mobile on WhatsApp

u1Notice is a WhatsApp Business Account Platform that not only sends targeted and personalized notification to remind you on up coming renewals but also allow the option to renew and pay for the premium in a secure platform.

Targeted & Personalized Notification @ Your Fingertips

No more long queues at counters, pos office, JPJ or even dealing with pesky characters.

All your purchasing and renewal is now just a few taps away with u1Notice.

What is ?

u1Notice is an innovative notification platform via WhatsApp Business Account (WAB).

u1Notice empowers you to manage your purchases and renewals and payments @ fingertips.

u1Notice the preferred platform for targeted and personalized customer support services.

Key Features


24/7 Customer Service


Clear and Easy Product Description


Clear and Transparent Pricing & Benefits


Secure Online Payment


Documents, Receipts Delivered immediately to Phone & e-mail

Steps on the Flows

Follow our 4 easy steps and you can have your item deliver!



Say "Hi" via WhatsApp to +603 793-121-22 and we will guide you on your up coming reminders and notify you.


Get Quote

Upon acknowledgement final details will be shared together with a payment link.



Pick your choice and make payment with e-Wallet, Online Banking & Credit/Debit Card.



Upon successful payment and clearance documents and receipts will be delivered immediately to your phone and email.

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